MWIDM Commerce Solutions Enablement Suite

The MWIDM Commerce Solutions Enablement Suite consists of 5 different solutions packaged to leverage IBM technologies exclusively. The package utilizes the flexibility provided by DX and DX content to integrate Commerce, Social and Content to create a seamless marketing / sales environment for the client and consumers.

Primary solutions

Commerce Solutions Enablement Suite includes:

  • Wrapped Commerce: Brings a unified user experience to your customer journey with seamless Commerce / DX integration.
  • Integrated Communities: Bring your corporate blogs, forum and support communities directly to your product. Minimize your support costs and increase your customer interaction and loyalty.
  • Responsive Digital Analytics: Find out what works and what doesn’t to maximize the effectiveness of your Commerce/DX platform.
  • Shopping Cart Integration: Easily integrate the ability to buy any item directly from related content.
  • Integrated Search: Combine multiple content streams into a single unified search experience with Watson!

More than ever it is vital to surround your products with relevant user created content to promote consumer loyalty and drive sales. Real time feedback is critical to continued success in any market. The ability and infrastructure to quickly respond to changes on a weekly or even daily basis is the key to success.

Complete integrated solutions leveraging the entire suite of IBM software and services:

  • IBM WebSphere Commerce
  • IBM WebSphere Portal, WCM
  • IBM Social Collaboration Software
  • IBM Digital Analytics
  • IBM Message Broker
  • IBM MDM for product and customers

IBM Technologies:

  • Languages:ILE RPG, RPG400, RPG/36, ILE COBOL, COBOL400,COBOL/36,CL400, ILE CLJCL, OCL/36, C++, CICS, Net.Data, Java, PHP, CGIRPG, CGICOBOL Valence, CGIDEV2, CGICBLDEV2, C, C++, Pascal, Java, EGL, COBOL
  • Framework and Tools:CGIDEV2, CGICBLDEV2, LANSA, ProGen Plus, Synon, Valence
  • OS:OS/400, MVS, OS/390
  • DBMS:DB2/400, IDMS, IMS
  • Middleware:Websphere, MQ Series,Commerce
  • Web Server:IBM Internet Http Server, Apache Zend Server
  • APIs and Tools:HTTP/ XML Tools
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