MWIDM’s RSA Aveksa, IAM & Governance Solutions

The RSA Aveksa Identity Access Management and Governance (IAM) platform helps organizations efficiently meet their security, regulatory and business access needs through a collaborative set of business processes. By automating manual tasks, providing evidence of compliance, reducing access-related business risk, and efficiently delivering business access, enterprises can confidently manage, control and enforce access to applications and data across the enterprise and the cloud.


The RSA Aveksa IMG Platform

  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility into who has access to which resources, how they got it, who approved it and whether it is appropriate based on their business relationship with the organization.
  • Automates the monitoring, reporting, certification, exception handling and remediation of user entitlements and roles, and provides full management of the role lifecycle.
  • Provides an effective, business-relevant process for requesting access, and orchestrates the processes associated with access approval, fulfillment, and change management.
  • Demonstrates the auditable evidence of compliance as the authoritative system of record.
  • Manages user access to data and application resources in a single, unified system.
  • Efficiently provisions user access and executes access changes, based on a rapidly-deployable infrastructure.
  • Suggests entitlements for new and existing users based on similar users’ attributes and job roles.
  • Hides “off-limits” entitlements for certain sensitive entitlements that users should not be able to request or obtain.


 Top 10 Identity & Access Management Realities

  • The need to comply with increase regulations
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Cost of manual operations
  • The need to avoid and mitigate risk
  • Sour tasted from ineffective solutions
  • Time to integrate is often prolonged
  • Too much unstructured data to harness
  • Fear of rip and replace approach
  • High cost of capital investment
  • Ongoing resource cost
  • The need to comply with increase regulations


Key Benefits with RSA Aveksa IAM

  • Visibility and Control
  • Helps meet compliance requirements
  • Access determined by lines of business, not IT
  • The right people have the right access
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Integrates with legacy applications
  • Not a rip and replace solution
  • Reduces company risk
  • Eliminates orphan accounts and grandfathered access
  • Regular, timely updates
  • Increases business agility and efficiency
  • Helps realize business value
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