MWIDM’s Okta Technology Consultants are identity and mobility experts. Having helped thousands of global customers, our consultants are well positioned to help you build a secure enterprise, improve user experience, and boost productivity.

Engage Professional Services to:

  • Develop a clear vision to build a secure, productive enterprise on a modern service architecture
  • Develop requirements specs that meet your business goals
  • Design a tailored solution and implementation plan to fulfill the requirements
  • Implement the industry’s leading identity and mobility management system

MWIDM’s architecture workshop is designed to help you lay out a customized architecture blueprint. It’s an important step for both you and MWIDM to shape the direction, timeline, and process that will define how your Okta solution looks and performs. In your workshop, our Professional Services team will:

  • Review your business requirements
  • Analyze your existing environment
  • Develop your desired architecture scenarios
  • Discuss Okta’s recommended architecture
  • Establish a high-level project scope and timeline for implementation
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